Why Become an Independent Sales Contractor
Servicing Empire Today® Customers?

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    Don’t apply for a job as a sales representative. Be your own boss!

    This is a sales opportunity in which:

    1. You will call on potential customers who have called and asked for a sales rep to come to their home
    2. You will be providing service to customers of a nationally known brand, Empire Today, and can feel confident in offering quality brands, competitive pricing and reliable service
    3. You have the flexibility to control your schedule
    4. You get to meet different people every day and help them improve the value of their homes
    5. You have the opportunity to make a lot of money through hot leads, bonuses, and the ability to bring in your own additional business.
    6. You have access to our Sales Success Program with over 50 years of sales history and know-how to support you in your success.
    7. You have the ability to earn a steady income and earn top rankings in our Circle of Excellence Club where added revenue, recognition and vacations are awarded.

    So, if you’ve been looking for a sales job – don’t. This opportunity gives you freedom from the corporate ‘rat race’ as an Independent Sales Rep Contractor servicing Empire Today customers, running your own business!

    Watch the video above to hear some of the existing Sales Representatives’ perspectives on their experience. Please fill in the information above on the right and attach a resume, and a sales recruiter will contact you.

    ‘You have a willing customer base that contacts you…you aren’t going on any cold calls.’

    Excellent Customer Base

    ‘The brand recognition is second-to-none…it’s absolutely phenomenal.’

    Empire’s Brand Recognition

    ‘This job should appeal to everyone that is in sales…this is a high-paying sales job.’

    Great Earning Potential

    ‘You have a significant amount of freedom.’

    Freedom and Flexibility

    ‘A lot of them are repeat customers…it couldn’t get much easier than that in terms of selling.’

    Excellent Customer Base

    ‘It’s fun when you can do something and every day has its own special nuances.’

    Fun and Interesting